Austin M. Lacey

Young, driven entrepreneur with a passion for solving problems with innovative ideas

Found and Owner of Small Businesses

Founder and owner of three small, mature businesses that are operated under the parent company Affinity Holding Group, LLC.

UW-Madison School of Business Student

Wisconsin School of Business Student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Operations and Technology Management.

Project Management and Global Sourcing Experience

Extensive experience managing projects of various types and working with global sourcing teams across multiple continents.


Wisconsin State Journal Article about  Austin and his company 7X Scoring

All-City Swim Meet: Precision timing helps the massive youth competition run like clockwork – July 28, 2017

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Austin’s Company

Affinity Holding Group, LLC is the holding company which Austin formed to manage his three small businesses: ALAC Weather, Mod9Multimedia, and 7X Scoring. Affinity offers a diverse set of services that has grown significantly since its incorporation in October 2012.

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